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Explore the wheel according to health symptoms and conditions, or by a range of flavors. To search, click the tabs. To zoom out or go back, click the center of the Weed Wheel.


Cannabiscope™ was designed to be the standard in cannabis strain classification. The interactive mapping system displays information about cannabis strains in a logical manner, using data compiled from researchers, analysts and crowd sourced information.


The concept works by first identifying cannabis strains according to their terpenoids, which give strains their aromas and tastes, and classifying them on the Flavor Wheel. Strains are then cross referenced on the Health Wheel, based on the active cannabinoids.


Medical cannabis patients may search the Weed Wheel, according to their symptoms and conditions, while cannabis connoisseurs will enjoy discovering the flavors. The app will serve as an online store front, a virtual menu for companies associated within the cannabis community including: seed banks, cultivators, producers, labs, dispensaries and delivery services.

"Holy double Batman! This app is the future, thank you guys for developing it! Goodbye dark ages, welcome Cannabiscope, halleluya brothers and sisters!!!"

− Regular Joe, Mother Nature LTD

"F*ck my life! Cannabiscope is what we were waiting for, and now its here, and everyone can use it.. for FREE!"

− Regular Joseph, Wha Wha Wee Wha Labs

"Amazing tool! A must have for dispensaries. Seed banks, labs, growers you should take a close look at this tool, it can make your business better."

− Joe Regulario, Canna Corp